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With an experience of over 11 years, we are offering you impeccable services and support for the entire period of your staying.

Our offer help you to reduce the expenses and to avoid the troubles which you would face if you were lodged at a hotel. In addition, you shall benefit of the comfort, calm and intimacy you need.

The lodging spaces from Bucharest, restored on European standards, are placed to your disposal offering you the quality and many other advantages which answer to your wishes and needs.

The advantage of renting an apartment in hotel regime consists in the intimacy and individuality offered by it. Either for a short-term staying, or for a long-term one, we offer you luxurious apartments situated in the centre of the capital on prices lower than those practiced by hotels.

The lodging services are prompt and include both luxurious apartments and bachelor apartments, entirely furnished and equipped, situated in ultra central area, their standards being of 4, 5 stars. In addition, we place at your disposal with information about Bucharest, fast routes to the locations where you must go and any other information necessary for the accomplishment of your wishes.

The rent of an apartment does not need many formalities. All you have to do is to select the apartment from the section Apartments.


  • Preturi de la 30 - 39 Euro / noapte
  • Preturi de la 40 - 55 Euro / noapte

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