We offer you:

    * Professionalism

    * Comfort

    * Intimacy

If you need peace, or if you need information about a location from Bucharest we place at your disposals always with prompt and professional answers.

For our team, it is important that you feel good, that you feel as home and you do not miss anything.

For a more pleasant staying, we place at your disposal the following services:

    * Cleaning

    * Laundry

    * Schedule to dentist

    * Medical consultations

    * Legal consultancy

    * Reception at the airport, at the door of the plane (protocol) and transport from the airport

    * A guide to show you the town

    * A guide for shopping

Try us and you shall be convinced!


  • Preturi de la 30 - 39 Euro / noapte
  • Preturi de la 40 - 55 Euro / noapte

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